Full Range of Home Care Services For Your Loved Ones.

Our staff has combined experience working in nursing homes, hospitals or with previous home care clientele.

Your trust is important to us. We earn that trust by providing the best, most experienced, and compassionate care givers. They are friendly professionals with long-term home care experience.

WHEN LIFE HAPPENS AND YOUR FAMILY NEEDS HELP... Home Care Services you can count on.

We're here to provide relief from

Home Care Services

  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse
  • Respiration

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Snacks. 

Home Health Care can be strenuous on the family. We’re here to help!

Our client’s health is our top priority and feeding assistance is one way to ensure proper nutrition and hydration.

Assisting In:

  • Blood Sugar
  • Oxygen
  • Prescriptions
  • Trimming Fingernails and Toes
  • Pushing back Cuticle 
  • Filing
  • moisturizing nails and hands/feet.
  • Getting dressed
  • Combing Hair
  • Brushing Teeth

Look good feel good!

As we get older our mobility greatly diminishes. Sometimes even simple tasks like going to the bathroom can be difficult. 

  • Transfer Devices
  • Transfer Belts
  • Transfer Assisstance
  • General Light House Keeping
  • Washing Soiled Laundry
  • Drying Laundry and Folding
  • Keep a Clean Environment
  • Remove Soiled Linens
  • Wash and Replace with clean linens
  • Prevent Disease
  • Improved Mental Health
  • Decreased Risk of Falls
  • Social Engagement
  • Improved Cognitive Function

Someone there to engage in conversation with, even if it’s for a few moments, encourages mental stimulation and positive thoughts, as well as reminisce memories.

  • Playing Games
  • Talking
  • Puzzles

Providing custodial care for your loved ones often referred to as senior care, is specialized care that is designed to meet the needs and requirements of senior citizens at various stages.

  1. Independence
  2. Engaging Opportunities
  3. Specialized Services
  4. Physical Safety
  5. Assistance with Mobility and Medications
  6. Individualized Care

Benefits of Dementia Care:

  • Physical Therapy Assistance
  • Diet
  • Monitoring Symptoms
  • Palliative Care Assistance
  • Monitor Symptoms
  • Help in aiding their sleep routine and daily routine.
  • Medication Assistance
  • Lifestyle Behavior Assistance

We work closely with Vita’s Care and Hospice to assist in day to day tasks and services to improve ones quality of life.

Areas we Service

Our team is insured and bonded to provide high-quality non-medical care to our clients in, and around the Dayton area (we typically will travel up to 35-mile radius into surrounding communities). Contact us at (937) 270-9361 to help your loved one continue to enjoy an independent lifestyle.
Outside the Service Area?

We will consider your home if it is a 24-hour house or if additional hours are required by the client. We will also consider your home if we have caregivers located in the area. Our caregivers are willing to travel up to an hour.

Free In-Home Assessment

Our rates are lower than larger franchised providers, and we promise our caring, loving, and dependable staff will meet all your needs. We personally go out of our way to help the client and family members to be informed. We are only a phone call away. (937) 270-9361 Call us today to speak to our team. We’ll answer your questions, help you customize and price a personalized service plan to help your loved one live at home and meet with your loved one to ensure their comfort with our services. Call today!